Benedictine Cocktails

Cocktails with Benedictine as the main ingredient
  • Bon Soir ("good Night")
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill a Sherry glass 1/2 full of Shaved Ice. 1/2 pony Benedictine. 1/2 pony Creme Yvette. Fill up with Ginger Ale; stir gently and serve with a Straw cut in two.

  • Bismarck
    By Tom Bullock

    2 teaspoonfuls Vanilla Cordial in Sherry Wine glass. 1 yolk of an Egg covered with Benedictine so as not to break the yolk. 1/2 Wineglass Kuemmel. (Ok...what's a Kuemmel?)1 light dash Angostura Bitters. The colors should be kept separate and great ca...

  • Country Club Punch
    By Tom Bullock

    Take 1-1/2 lbs. of Cut Loaf Sugar and rub the lumps on the skins of 4 Lemons and 2 Oranges until the Sugar becomes well saturated with the oil from the skins. Then put the sugar thus prepared into a large porcelain-lined or agate mixing vessel, and a...

  • Benedictine
    By Tom Bullock

    Place an inverted Whiskey glass on the bar, set a Pony glass on it and fill up with Benedictine. That's it? Why an inverted Whiskey glass? I'm going to use an inverted pint glass so it will taste even better! Serve all liquors straight in this manner...

  • Absinthe Frappe
    Absinthe Frappe
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill medium Bar glass full of Shaved Ice.1 teaspoonful Benedictine.1 pony Absinthe.Shake until outside of Shaker has frosty appearance; strain into six-ounce Shell glass and serve.Geez...not that kind of pony!