Creme de Menthe

  • American Beauty
    American Beauty

    1 Jigger Brandy1 Jigger Dry Vermouth1 Jigger Orange Juice1 Dash White Creme De Menthe1 Dash GrenadineShake with ice and strain,Top off with a little P...

  • Dixie Cocktail

    Add to a plain Whiskey Cocktail:1 dash Curacoa.6 drops Creme de Menthe.Take 5 boys, it's cocktail time!

  • Dream

    Fill large Bar glass 2/3 full Shaved Ice.1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar.3 dashes Lemon Juice.1 white of an Egg. (raw egg alert!)1 Wineglass Milk and Cream.1 ...

  • Creme De Menthe

    Fill a Sherry glass with Shaved Ice.1 pony Creme de Menthe.Cut straw in two pieces and serve.Well here's an easy one. But what's the straw for?

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom

    Use a large Brandy Roller glass.Fill Roller half full of Fine Ice.Add 1 pony of Old Brandy.1 jigger of green Creme de Menthe and serve.

  • Delusion

    Use a large mixing glass; fill with Shaved Ice.1/2 Lime Juice.2/3 white Creme de Menthe.1/3 Apricot Brandy.Shake well; strain into thin Stem glass and...

  • Stinger - Country Club Style

    Use a large Mixing glass; fill with Lump Ice.1 jigger Old Brandy.1 pony white Creme de Menthe.Shake well; strain into Cocktail glass and serve.