Absinthe Cocktails

Cocktails with Absinthe as the main ingredient. Where do I get my Absinthe? Click here!
  • Bald Head
    Bald Head
    By Tom Bullock

    1 Jigger French Vermouth1 Jigger Italian Vermouth4 Jiggers Gin1 or 2 dashes of Absinthe to each drink. Stir with large cubes of ice. Twist lemon peel over the drink. Decorate with a stuffed olive.Where do I get my Absinthe? Right here(A jigger is 1....

  • Absinthe, Italian Service

    1 pony of Absinthe in a large Bar glass.3 pieces Cracked Ice.3 dashes Maraschino.1/2 pony Anisette.Pour Ice Water in glass, at same time stirring gently with Bar Spoon. Serve.(A pony shot 1 fluid ounce)Where do I get my Absinthe? Right here

  • Absinthe

    (When the customer asks for Absinthe without specifying any particular style of service). Pour one pony of Absinthe into large Bar glass and let ice cold water drip from the Absinthe glass into Bar glass until full. The Absinthe glass has a hole in t...

  • Absinthe Cocktail
    By Tom Bullock

    Mixing glass 3/4 full Shaved Ice.1/2 jigger Water.1/2 jigger Absinthe.2 dashes Angostura Bitters.1 teaspoonful Benedictine.Stir; strain into Cocktail glass and serve.

  • Absinthe, French Service
    Absinthe, French Service
    By Tom Bullock

    Pour 1 pony of Absinthe into a Champagne glass which is standing in a bowl. Fill the bowl of your Absinthe glass with Shaved Ice and water. Raise the bowl and let the Ice Water drip into the Absinthe until the proper color is obtained. Serve in thin ...

  • Absinthe, American Service
    Absinthe, American Service
    By Tom Bullock

    Mixing glass 3/4 full Shaved Ice.4 dashes Gum Syrup. (Gum syrup?)1 pony Absinthe.Shake until outside of shaker is well frosted; strain into large Champagne glass and serve.

  • Horse Thief Cocktail
    Horse Thief Cocktail
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.2 dashes green Absinthe.1/2 pony Italian Vermouth.1 jigger Sir Robert burnett's Old Tom Gin.Stir well and serve in a Cocktail glass.Giddy-up!

  • Absinthe Frappe
    Absinthe Frappe
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill medium Bar glass full of Shaved Ice.1 teaspoonful Benedictine.1 pony Absinthe.Shake until outside of Shaker has frosty appearance; strain into six-ounce Shell glass and serve.Geez...not that kind of pony!