• Pineapple Julep (For A Party Of 6--Use A Small Punch Bowl)
    By Tom Bullock

    1 quart of Sparkling Moselle.1 jigger Cusenier Grenadine.1 jigger Maraschino.1 jigger Sir Robert burnett's Old Tom Gin. (Ok, you can use Tanqueray)1 jigger Lemon Juice.1 jigger Orange Bitters.1 jigger Angostura Bitters.4 Oranges, sliced.2 Lemons, sli...

  • Mint Julep - Kentucky Style
    By Tom Bullock

    Use a large Silver Mug.Dissolve one lump of Sugar in one-half pony of Water.Fill mug with Fine Ice.Two jiggers of Old Bourbon Whiskey.Stir well; add one bouquet of Mint and serve.Be careful and not bruise the Mint....ok, forget about the Mint... and ...

  • Overall Julep - St. Louis Style

    Use a large Mixing glass; fill with Lump Ice.2/3 Wineglass Rye Whiskey.2/3 Wineglass Gordon Gin.1/2 Wineglass Imported Grenadine.Juice 1/2 Lemon.Juice 1/2 Lime.Shake well; pour into tall, thin glass; add one bottle Imported Club Soda and serve.