• Adonis
    By Tom Bullock

    1 jigger Dry Sherry1/2 jigger Sweet Vermouth1 dash Orange BittersStir with ice. Strain.

  • Brandy Shrub (2-Gallon Mixture For 40 People)
    By Tom Bullock

    Into a Punch bowl put the Peeled Rinds of 5 Lemons and the Juice of 12 Lemons and add 5 quarts of Brandy. Make the bowl airtight and set it aside. At the expiration of 6 days add 3 quarts of Sherry wine and 6 pounds of Loaf Sugar, which has been diss...

  • Bizzy Izzy High Ball
    By Tom Bullock

    Drop 1 piece of Ice into a Highball glass. 2 dashes Lemon Juice. 2 teaspoonfuls Pineapple Syrup. 1/2 jigger Sherry Wine. 1/2 jigger Rye or Bourbon Whiskey. "You know, Izzy...that ball was rather high"

  • Sherry And Bitters

    Put 2 dashes Dr. Siegert's genuine Angostura Bitters in a Sherry glass and roil the glass until the Bitters entirely cover the inside surface.Fill the glass with Sherry and serve.

  • Bombay Punch (2-1/2-Gallon Mixture For 40 People)
    By Tom Bullock

    Bruise the skins of 6 Lemons in 1 lb. of Bar sugar and put the Sugar in a Punch bowl and add: 1 box Strawberries. 2 Lemons, sliced. 6 Oranges, sliced. 1 Pineapple, cut into small pieces. 1 quart Brandy. 1 quart Sherry Wine. 1 quart Madeira Wine. Stir...

  • Bamboo Cocktail
    Bamboo Cocktail
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill large Bar glass 1/3 full Fine Ice. 1/3 Sherry Wine. 1/3 Italian Vermouth. Stir then strain into Cocktail glass. Serve.