Anisette Cocktails

Cocktails with Anisette as the main ingredient
  • Free Love Cocktail- Club Style
    By Tom Bullock

    Lump Ice.Use Shaker.1/2 of the white of 1 Egg. (raw egg alert!)3 dashes Anisette.1 jigger Old Tom Gin.1 pony fresh Cream.Shake well, serve in Cocktail glass.Yep...I'll try me one of those

  • Brace Up
    By Tom Bullock

    1 tablespoonful Bar Sugar in large Mixing glass. 3 dashes Boker's or Angostura Bitters. 3 dashes Lemon Juice. 2 dashes Anisette. 1 Egg. 1 jigger Brandy 1/2 glass Shaved Ice. Shake well; strain into tall, thin glass; fill with Apollinaris and serve.