• Bald Head
    Bald Head

    1 Jigger French Vermouth1 Jigger Italian Vermouth4 Jiggers Gin1 or 2 dashes of Absinthe to each drink.Stir with large cubes of ice. Twist lemon peel o...

  • American Beauty
    American Beauty

    1 Jigger Brandy1 Jigger Dry Vermouth1 Jigger Orange Juice1 Dash White Creme De Menthe1 Dash GrenadineShake with ice and strain,Top off with a little P...

  • Allies

    1 Jigger Gin1 Jigger Dry Vermouth2 Dashes Kummel

  • Alice Mine
    Alice Mine

    1 jigger Dry Vermouth4 dashes of Sweet Vermouth2 jiggers Grand Marnier1 jigger Dry Gin1 dash Angustura BittersStir with ice and strain

  • Alfonso Special
    Alfonso Special

    1/2 jigger Dry Gin1/2 jigger Dry Vermouth1/2 jigger Grand Marnier4 dashes Sweet Vermouth1 dash Angostura BittersShake with ice and strain

  • Affinity

    1 jigger Scotch Whiskey1 jigger Dry Vermouth1 jigger Sweet Vermouth2 Dashes of Angostura BittersStir with ice and strain. Serve with a Cherry and twis...

  • Adonis

    1 jigger Dry Sherry1/2 jigger Sweet Vermouth1 dash Orange BittersStir with ice. Strain.

  • Addington

    1 jigger Sweet Vermouth1 jigger Dry VermouthStir with ice and strain.Fill glass with Soda Water and serve with a twist of lemon peel.Seriously?

  • Whiskey Punch - St. Louis Style
    Whiskey Punch - St. Louis Style

    Use a large Mixing glass; fill with Lump Ice.One jigger Bourbon Whiskey.1/2 pony Italian Vermouth.1/2 pony Pineapple Syrup.1/2 pony Lemon Juice.Shake ...

  • Lone Tree Cocktail
    Lone Tree Cocktail

    Use a large Mixing glass; fill with Lump Ice.1 jigger Burnett's Old Tom Gin.1/3 Italian Vermouth.1/3 French Vermouth.Shake well; serve in Cocktail gla...

  • Onion Cocktail
    Onion Cocktail

    1 jigger of Burnett's Tom Gin.1/2 of Italian Vermouth and no Bitters used.Large Bar glass with Cracked Ice and stir well.Strain and serve with an Onio...

  • Bronx Cocktail
    Bronx Cocktail

    Fill large Bar glass 3/4 full Shaved Ice.1/3 jigger Dry Gin.1/3 jigger French Vermouth.1/3 jigger Italian Vermouth.1 Slice Orange.Shake well; strain i...

  • Duplex Cocktail

    Fill large Bar glass with Shaved Ice.1/3 Jigger Old Tom Gin.1 pony Italian Vermouth.1 pony French Vermouth.3 dashes Acid Phosphate. (chemical weapons ...

  • Gibson Cocktail

    Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.1 jigger Gordon Gin.1 pony French Vermouth.Stir; strain and serve in Cocktail glass.

  • L.P.W.

    L.P.W.? A little cryptic Tom. Anyone know what this stands for?Use a large Mixing glass.Fill with Lump Ice.1 jigger of Sir Robert burnett's Old Tom Gi...

  • Twilight Cocktail
    Twilight Cocktail

    Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.1 jigger Bourbon.1/2 pony Italian Vermouth.Juice of whole Lime.Shake well; strain into a Champagne glass; fill ...

  • Blackthorne Cocktail

    Fill Mixing glass 2/3 full Shaved Ice. 1/4 teaspoonful Lemon Juice. 1 teaspoonful Syrup. 1/2 jigger Vermouth. 1/2 Jigger Sloe Gin. 1 dash Angostura Bi...

  • Bliz's Royal Rickey
    Bliz's Royal Rickey

    Drop 3 lumps Cracked Ice in a Rickey (thin Champagne) glass.1/2 Lime or 1/4 Lemon.4 dashes Raspberry Syrup.1 pony Vermouth.3/4 jigger Gin.Fill up with...

  • Horse Thief Cocktail
    Horse Thief Cocktail

    Fill a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.2 dashes green Absinthe.1/2 pony Italian Vermouth.1 jigger Sir Robert burnett's Old Tom Gin.Stir well and serv...

  • Bamboo Cocktail
    Bamboo Cocktail

    Fill large Bar glass 1/3 full Fine Ice. 1/3 Sherry Wine. 1/3 Italian Vermouth. Stir then strain into Cocktail glass. Serve.