• Pineapple Julep (For A Party Of 6--Use A Small Punch Bowl)
    By Tom Bullock

    1 quart of Sparkling Moselle.1 jigger Cusenier Grenadine.1 jigger Maraschino.1 jigger Sir Robert burnett's Old Tom Gin. (Ok, you can use Tanqueray)1 jigger Lemon Juice.1 jigger Orange Bitters.1 jigger Angostura Bitters.4 Oranges, sliced.2 Lemons, sli...

  • Country Club Punch
    By Tom Bullock

    Take 1-1/2 lbs. of Cut Loaf Sugar and rub the lumps on the skins of 4 Lemons and 2 Oranges until the Sugar becomes well saturated with the oil from the skins. Then put the sugar thus prepared into a large porcelain-lined or agate mixing vessel, and a...

  • California Wine Cobbler
    By Pauly

    Fill tall, thin glass nearly full Shaved Ice.1 heaping teaspoonful Bar Sugar.Juice of 1 Orange.2-1/2 jiggers California Wine. Stir, ornament with fruit and serve with straws (or just chug it from the jug!)

  • Catawba Cobbler
    Catawba Cobbler
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill large Bar glass 1/2 full of Shaved Ice.1 teaspoonful Bar Sugar dissolved in a little Water.1-1/2 jiggers Catawba Wine.1/4 slice of Orange.Fill with Shaved Ice; stir well; decorate with Berries and serve with Straws.(the picture? It's a Cobbler b...