Beer Cocktails

Cocktails made with Beer as the main ingredient
  • Shandy Gaff

    Use a large Bar glass.Fill half the glass with Porter and half with Ginger Ale. It is also made with half Ale and half Ginger Ale.In England a Shandy is typically any kind of beer topped up with what is called "lemonade". In fact this "lemonade" is a...

  • Ale Flip
    By Tom Bullock

    Fill an Ale glass nearly full. 1 teaspoonful of Bar Sugar. Break in 1 whole Egg; grate a little Nutmeg on top and serve the drink with a spoon alongside of the glass.No no no! No sugar, no egg (yuck!), no nutmeg. Just gimme the beer!

  • Chug-A-Lug
    By Pauly

    Purchase 30 pack of domestic beer from Liquor Store (NOT "Lite").Chill.Remove can from carton.Pop tab (with flourish)Chug.Repeat.Or, brew your own for more CHUG less LUG!

  • "Arf-And-Arf"
    By Tom Bullock

    Pour into an Ale glass or mug 1/2 Porter and 1/2 Ale, or Porter and Stout with Ale, or 1/2 Old and 1/2 New Ale. The use of the Porter and Ale is more prevalent in England. In the United States 1/2 Old and 1/2 New Ale is usually used when this drink i...