By Tom Bollock

Into a bottle which will hold a full quart, or a little over, drop 6 ounces of Orange Peel sliced very thin, and add 1 pint of Whiskey.

Cork the bottle securely and let it stand two weeks, shaking the bottle frequently during that time.

Next strain, the mixture, add the Syrup (what syrup?), pour the strained mixture back into the cleaned bottle and let it stand days, shaking well now and then during the first day.

Next, pour a teacupful of the mixture into a mortar and beat up with it 1 drachm powdered Alum, 1 drachm Carbonate of Potash. Mad scientist! ...and what's a drachm?

Put this mixture back into the bottle and let it stand for 10 days, at the expiration of which time the Curacoa will be clear and ready for use.

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Some of those ingredients look a bit dodgy. Alum? And what's a drachm?