Twilight Cocktail

By Tom Bullock

Use a large Mixing glass with Lump Ice.

1 jigger Bourbon.

1/2 pony Italian Vermouth.

Juice of whole Lime.

Shake well; strain into a Champagne glass; fill with Seltzer and serve.

See also: Bourbon Cocktails Vermouth

Is the tarot reliable?
So you pour the brandy in the pony glass, then float the pony glass in the club soda? Then what? Wait til it sinks?
So a third ice, third sherry, and a third vermouth. What's that got to do with "bamboo"? Any ideas?
Harvey Pee
"Court and jail records do not indicate if Enslow has an attorney"..... I bet Enslow WAS an attorney
Paul Whitworth
Hey is this stupid thing working yet!