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Cigar Accessories

Havana Evenings Cigar Ash Tray w/ Cutter (Engravable)

Give your cigars a place to rest that is as elegant and classy as your top quality cigars are with our cigar ash tray. The expertly carved and polishe...

Reg.Price 51.70
Our Price 47.00

Black Square Marble Cigar Ashtray Indoor / Outdoor (Custom Engraving Available)

Our solid stone black marble ashtray is the perfect gift for the cigar connoisseur. Made of solid black marble, this custom cigar ashtray is an impres...

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Leather Travel Cigar Case Gift Set

A great gift for cigar aficionados on the move. This travel sized cigar case holds everything they need to enjoy a smooth smoke when the mood strikes ...

Reg.Price 104.50
Our Price 95.00

Personalized Bullet Double Cigar Case

This personalized bullet shaped cigar holder tells everyone at a first glance that you're a force to be reckoned with. With this knockout cigar holder...

Reg.Price 36.30
Our Price 33.00

Cigar Aficionado Custom Shadow Box

Cigar aficionados, you shouldn't settle for a sub-par cigar band display. Spruce up your man cave or smoking room with our handsome custom cigar band ...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

Oakmont Personalized Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

The best nights end with a truly great cigar, and you can show off your discerning taste in tobacco with this handsome personalized shadow box for cig...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

Top Notch Cigars Personalized Shadow Box

A man with refined tastes should display his cigar bands in only the most sophisticated manner, map your cigar journey with our handsome personalized ...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

Lyndhurst Personalized Cigar Band Shadow Box

Cigars are a fleeting luxury that is great one moment and gone the next. Keep a part of each cigar in this handsome personalized Lyndhurst shadow box ...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

The Man The Myth The Legend Custom Santiago Wood Cigar Box

Cigar aficionados like to know their stogies are safe, give our favorite connoisseur an extra special gift with this custom wood cigar box. Constructe...

Reg.Price 42.90
Our Price 39.00

Santiago Wooden Oakmont Personalized Cigar Box

Rugged yet distinguished just like your favorite cigar aficionado, this personalized cigar box is just that. Made from solid light wood, each cigar bo...

Reg.Price 42.90
Our Price 39.00

Blackout Personalized Metal Lighter

Keep the pack burning all night with our Highsmith personalized metal lighter. Featuring classic styling and an impeccable matte black finish, each of...

Reg.Price 27.50
Our Price 25.00

Varela Authentic Horn-Inlay Cigar Ashtray

It's hard to know how any cigar ashtray could be finer than this. Exquisitely made with classic materials, our Varela style wooden ashtrays are impres...

Reg.Price 121.00
Our Price 110.00

Great Men Smoke Cigars Square Vintage Wooden Box

Cut only from the finest, just like the tobacco you enjoy, this handmade vintage wooden box makes an elegant gift for when great men smoke cigars toge...

Reg.Price 42.90
Our Price 39.00

Drake Blackout Cigar Crate Groomsmen Gift Box Set

Groomsmen, best man, father of the groom, even the ushers are all ready to celebrate. So in order to help kick-off this momentous occasion, we’ve rele...

Reg.Price 61.60
Our Price 56.00

All the Vices Groomsmen Gift Set in Engraved Ammo Can

Whether it’s smoking cigars, shooting guns, and drinking whiskey or scotch, this 30 Cal Ammo can groomsmen gift set is perfect for celebrating all the...

Reg.Price 105.60
Our Price 96.00

Wilshire Personalized Wooden Crate for Cigar Lovers Groomsmen Gift Set

The tradition of smoking cigars with members of the groom’s wedding party is a time-honored endeavor that is just as important as the bride tossing th...

Reg.Price 68.20
Our Price 62.00

All the Vices Custom Marquee Gift Set for Men in Ammo Can

Made in the USA, this 30 Cal Ammo Can Gift Box Set is a gift impossible for groomsmen to forget. With a personalized ammo can, perfect for storing cig...

Reg.Price 105.60
Our Price 96.00

Fine Cigars Engraved Shadow Box

Fans of quality cigars recognize the importance of saving their favorite cigar bands. Show off your diverse tastes with our Fine Cigars custom shadow ...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

Classic Monogram Groomsmen Gift - 5 Personalized Marble Ashtrays

It’s about to be your big day. Each of your groomsmen are going to want to celebrate with you once they hear the names and you ask them to be a grooms...

Reg.Price 368.50
Our Price 335.00

Personalized Refillable Metal Lighter

When you're ready to strike up your next smoke, this refillable metal lighter ups the ante when it comes to coolness. Coupling a classically styled, d...

Reg.Price 31.90
Our Price 29.00

Oakmont Personalized Cigar Holder

Your cigars shouldn’t be relegated to a lone drawer in your house. Our personalized cigar holder allows you to take your cigars anywhere they’re neede...

Reg.Price 58.30
Our Price 53.00

Classic Monogram Personalized Cigar Gift Set with Cigar Glass and Cigar Case

Your dad or husband is a classy guy who enjoys an Old Fashioned and a fresh cigar after dinner. With this awesome personalized cigar gift set, he can ...

Reg.Price 105.60
Our Price 96.00

Police Badge Personalized Cigar Case - Cop Gift

Your buddy is being promoted to lieutenant and you want to get him something to congratulate him for being a great cop. This personalized cigar case i...

Reg.Price 58.30
Our Price 53.00

Oakmont Brown Leatherette Personalized Cigar Case

It’s never a bad time to enjoy a quality rolled, high end cigar. But it’s not always easy to keep one handy. Thankfully, our personalized cigar case c...

Reg.Price 59.40
Our Price 54.00

Monogrammed Travel Cigar Case with Cigar Cutter

Forget that plastic baggie you’ve been carrying your cigars in, you need this monogrammed travel cigar case! Made of stainless steel and wrapped with ...

Reg.Price 58.30
Our Price 53.00

I Know Things Custom Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

You’re a cigar aficionado who regularly smokes, and you want to show off the fine stogies to your friends. One of the best ways to do so is by storing...

Reg.Price 83.60
Our Price 76.00

Stanford Customizable Cigar Box - Gift for Groomsmen

You’re getting married, and your favorite guys will all be by your side for one of the most special days of your life. Getting a gift for groomsmen th...

Reg.Price 37.40
Our Price 34.00

Personalized Knife Gift Set with Cigar Accessories

Finding a good gift for the guys in your life is never easy, but you can never go wrong with a personalized knife gift set! This incredibly manly and ...

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Maverick Personalized Cigar Box Set Gifts for Groomsmen

They’re your best friends, and they’ll be standing with you on your big day. The coolest gifts for groomsmen are gifts that will show them that they m...

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Stanford Personalized Pocket Knife Gift Set

Having a pocket knife on hand at all times is an absolute necessity. However, a personalized pocket knife is even better! The handsome wooden handle i...

Reg.Price 52.80
Our Price 48.00

Stanford Personalized Cigar Box With Lighter And Knife-Cigar Gift Set

A personalized cigar gift set is for the guy who has never let you down. He enjoys a cigar but also work for a living. So, you can help him out with h...

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Classic Groomsman Engraved Cognac Cigar Box Set Groomsmen Gift

Cigars and cognac: a classic combination that your groomsmen are quite fond of. You’re on the hunt for the perfect personalized groomsmen gift, and yo...

Reg.Price 66.00
Our Price 60.00

Oakmont Custom Acrylic Portable Cigar Stand

Picture this: you’re at a buddy’s house, enjoying a stogie, when you realize there’s nowhere to place your cigar. Make sure that never happens with th...

Reg.Price 30.80
Our Price 28.00

American Heroes Personalized 50 Cal Cigar Humidor Military Gift

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces put their lives on the line every day, and you are so proud of the soldier in your life. A fantastic military gift fo...

Reg.Price 99.00
Our Price 90.00

Oakmont Engraved Bamboo Leatherette Cigar Case

There’s nothing worse than reaching in your pocket to grab a cigar, only to find it’s crushed and misshapen. You’ll never have that problem again than...

Reg.Price 55.00
Our Price 50.00

Marquee Custom 50 Cal Ammo Can Humidor

Unlike cigarettes, cigars have to be stored properly to maintain their taste and quality. With this awesome custom ammo can humidor, you’ll never have...

Reg.Price 97.90
Our Price 89.00

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